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This is my ranking of top 5 best p4p fighters in boxing. I will explain my choices below:#5 Amir Khan - He win olympic silver medal and he has probably the fastests hands in boxing today. He won against very good fighters, like Paulie Malignaggi or Marco Antonio Barrera, so i think 5th place is pretty correct. #4 Bernard Hopkins - 45 years old boxer, who is second , if not the best light heavyweight (after Chad Dawson). He fighted the best boxers around the world, for example Pavlik, Taylor, De la Hoya, Trinidad. 4th place is no doubt. #3 Andre Ward- Olympic gold medalist in 2004. I watched his last two fights against Kessler and Green, and he was brilliant . Especially against Green when he dominated the whole fight, which i think was one of the best that I ever watched. #2 Floyd Mayweather - current welterweight world champion, and the best defensive fighter in the world. He beat many boxing stars like Juan Manuel Marquez, or De la Hoya. Maybe he is boring, but he is very effective boxer, who never lost his fight. Many people say he is p4p king, but i give him second place. #1 Manny Pacquiao- 7 time world champion. He beat boxing stars like Marquez, Barrera, Morales, Cotto, De la Hoya and many many more. He has blinding speed , power , accuracy and he is well condition boxer. He can throw unbeliveble numbers of punches with the same speed and power.
nonito # 5 сентября 2012 в 07:52 0
Mayweather is a little bitch?
bighova0 # 7 сентября 2012 в 08:16 0
You really didnt put Sugar? Ray Robinson on here...cmon bro
christia # 7 сентября 2012 в 13:15 0
@Diesel medic lol u think filos got small dick? lol have u even seen 1 dick of them? pathetic maybe urs cant be even compared? to one of them.
john # 10 сентября 2012 в 09:25 0
floyds a lil bitch pac never took any steroids those were accusations made by maywearther jus to further delay the possiblity of them fighting bcuz hes a pussy he also ducked mosely 4 sum years to b4 they actuall fought. if floyd wouldve fought mosely in between 1999-2004/5 he would got his ass beat get off mayweathers dick and quit hatin on pacquiao fans jus cuz u know ya boi is ducking him it. floyds sucha pussy he had to sucker punch victor ortiz jus to win ha sum great fighter? he is ha
thabozay # 10 сентября 2012 в 12:18 0
Loool? amir get knocked out in the first round khan in the list with no chavez or Roy Jones
mrwiggle # 11 сентября 2012 в 08:06 0
whoever made this was obviously a PACman fan....its only an opinion but i would go with floyd 10 out of 9? times...he will NOT lose
fasthand # 11 сентября 2012 в 17:51 0
1. floyd mayweather2. sergio martinez3. juan manuel marquez4. manny pacquiao5. wladimir klitschkothis is how i see? it but i totally respect your opinions
aguimexi # 13 сентября 2012 в 17:12 0
aguimexi # 14 сентября 2012 в 07:28 0
kike # 16 сентября 2012 в 13:36 0
@ronglobaltalkph At the moment he is the pound? x pound no.1
kike # 16 сентября 2012 в 13:39 0
ron # 21 сентября 2012 в 05:26 0
are you blind dude? Mayweather is the reigning pound/pound chicken and runner of all time. :p keeps ducking and running to fight Pac. ?
virginia # 22 сентября 2012 в 07:06 0
numbers dont lie... check out the hit and dont get hit numbers of floyd mayweather! Opponents only land 16% against mayweather!.. He has a connect rate of 46%! these are ridiculous numbers... Mayweather is a dominant fighter! Floyds plus 30% rating(the best? EVER recorded) against Pacs plus 4.7% is no comparison! A.Ward is 2nd with plus 15%, which is half..Bottom line is that Pacman misses to much and gets hit 2 much 2 beat Mayweather
virginia # 23 сентября 2012 в 21:24 0
go tell you beloved Pac to ask his puppet master Bob Arum to let him fight Mayweather! you another pathetic retard that absolutely has no idea or stradegy on how pac could ever beat Mayweather so you stupid fucks fight back with 2nd? grader comments like "Gayweather" or Mayweather is "Gayweather" or "you suck Gayweathers Dick"... Pac cant fight defensive counter punchers especialy the worlds best you fucking retard! JMM beat pac 2 times and was robbed! Mayweather will make him look amateur
virginia # 23 сентября 2012 в 23:49 0
you might want to start with doing a little fact finding before you get on youtube and prove your ignorance!. then you need to do a little spell checking!. im sure that you dont even know who Bob Arum is you stupid fuck!.Pac will make far more money to get his ass kicked by Mayweather than he has ever made on any other fight! Arum is the one who wants the? PPV split! Why the fuck should Mayweather give up his PPV money? the fans are paying to watch him! pac would be one of Mayweathers easier wins
virginia # 24 сентября 2012 в 03:00 0
if you are going to try to suck pacs dick and make arguments on youtube then you should be able to spell good enough so the other guy can understand what you? are lieing about! Pac called out mayweather you stupid fuck! mayweathers legacy will still be alive for years to come! pac will always be remembered as the three time loser(5 actually! including JMM controversies) that used money as an excuse.. instead of just admitting that he is a cheating ass drug addict! go hump somebody elses leg!!
diesel # 24 сентября 2012 в 08:31 0
you are a piece of dog shit boy.. you dont know anything about boxing.. you are a key board soldier and that is it.. obviously molested by your scum bag father.. stop getting on youtube and sucking your philipino boyfriends? pathetic little dick! you cant debate shit so you throw stupid fucking connents out there..you are lieing piece of shit to, you fucking know that pacquio is juiced up every fucking fight.. your real dad is a fag and your mom is a nasty trailer trash whore
diesel # 25 сентября 2012 в 16:35 0
Floyd is the man!!!! you and your? family are PIECES OF SHIT!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!
virginia # 28 сентября 2012 в 15:50 0
Pac knows what it will take 4 this fight to happen.. and he will make a lot of money at? it! pac is dodging mayweather! who the fuck would turn down 40 mil and the chance to give Mayweather his 1st loss? pac knows that his big boy juice will be gone during this fight! pac also knows how bad he looked against Jmm and how good Floyd looked! you pac lovers can talk all the scared shit you want! its obvious who the chicken shit is here! walk away from 40 mil!! yea right! hahaha
bung # 28 сентября 2012 в 20:59 0
looks like another bung? hole POS
monkimon # 30 сентября 2012 в 11:23 0
song? name pleas :)
keith # 30 сентября 2012 в 13:37 0
What a horrible list!!The top 5 P4P RIGHT NOW!!Should be1. Mayweather2. Pacquiao3. Bernard Hopkins4. Lucian Bute5. Sergio MartinezNo way can you have Andre Ward in the top 5 man... Guys only ever fought in one weight division calls out people to fight him and requests them? to fucking jump up in weight when he is the one calling them out!!He's a joke and he should be fighting Andre Direll next headbutting cheating scumbag more boring than Wladimir.
angat # 1 октября 2012 в 00:10 0
i fink u shud of put mohammad ali coz he only ever lost 1 fight to a guy? he beated twice !!
keith # 1 октября 2012 в 17:48 0
If I was going to type all time P4P list it wouldn't have any of those names1. Henry Armstrong2. Sugar Ray Robinson3. Joe Louis4. Carlos Monz?n5. Roy Jones JnrThat's my view on it and loads will argue but its only a top 5, Muhammad Ali I never was his? biggest fan but I don't see what he did makes him unarguably the number one top ten all time yes.
angat # 3 октября 2012 в 00:06 0
i was never alive wen he bcame? the best but he fights so well and entertaining and bak den evry1 was racist coz he's black so he threw his olympiv gold medal in the river so wat im,trying hes a very gud life story
frostbit # 3 октября 2012 в 16:19 0
What make a top fighter..All wins no lose..then it's Rocky Marcanio At 189 lbsOr is it style ...Sugar Ray Leonard,,Roy Jones?Or is it over coming the odds....Jack Johnson?or Mickey WardOr is it holding multi weight belts...Thomas Hearns,Or is it all mouth telling you there the Greatest..Ali,..Foyd Mayweather Jr..Etc,Etc..or is it the most fights and the most wins Like (Willie Pep)..with Total fights, 241. Wins, 229. Wins by? KO, 65. Losses, 11....... (Willie Pep)
frostbit # 3 октября 2012 в 16:48 0
Willie PepSweet? PeaSugar Ray LeonardLennox LewisJoe Louis
keith # 3 октября 2012 в 21:01 0
Sweet Pea is a great don't think I'd score him that high for all time greats though, Lennox Lewis definitely is worthy mentioning that guy could of stepped in the ring with any heavyweight and you? know he would stand a chance.
musmos # 4 октября 2012 в 08:06 0
top 5 pound for pound? fighters of the decade maybe
ashley # 5 октября 2012 в 06:27 0
generally just a list made by a casual fan, a? poor list!
homicida # 5 октября 2012 в 10:55 0
I guess this is pound for pound of this era? cause if this was of? all time I think I'd start a riot
justin61 # 5 октября 2012 в 13:35 0
mohhamad aliis freeking? old and tyson is a fucking cheat if u fucking fight him he will bite ur fucking ear off. I AGREE ON THIS VIDEO MANNY PACQUIAO IS THE BEST!!!! BEST LIST BRO!!
mrvocali # 7 октября 2012 в 07:10 0
sugar ray?, willie pep?, dude u were waaay off!!!?
s # 7 октября 2012 в 13:00 0
prince naseem hammed.. check him? out loots of knockdowns for a very light fighter.. showboater type but very quick.
superlaz # 7 октября 2012 в 16:52 0
great another idiot who dosent know about boxing -__-?
12345678 # 8 октября 2012 в 00:53 0
I know for real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
kingarkp # 9 октября 2012 в 22:10 0
where is muhammad ali,? i mean cummon
jorden # 13 октября 2012 в 08:20 0
really? i been boxing now for 4years and have been watching boxing for? 10years if that is your top 5 that is fine but that is not the top 5 overall jones,hollyfield,tyson,lenox lewis, joe lewis, marciano, they all deserve to be listed make it top 20 cause there really are to many greats to rank
rangersf # 13 октября 2012 в 11:27 0
worst? list EVER
tomas # 13 октября 2012 в 13:54 0
Dude... I totally agree. I thought I was the only person believing that Andre Ward and Amir Khan were severely under rated. A few months ago I would have had Tim Bradley in Khan's? place... But I think Khan deserves that spot now
cassieus # 14 октября 2012 в 04:47 0
where is ali,? sugar ray Leonard, mike tyson, roy jones
joe # 15 октября 2012 в 03:09 0
roy jones jr? number 1
joe # 17 октября 2012 в 05:35 0
khan hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahh­ahahah hes? shit
bigblack # 17 октября 2012 в 22:17 0
Y do people put fighters in a p4p list thatdont fight at? different weights like jahn
mrmee122 # 19 октября 2012 в 16:29 0
lol ya the term pound for? pound is so stupid l0l ppl say it cuz websites and magazines say it
zheroz0 # 21 октября 2012 в 03:00 0
Manny "Pacman"? Pacquiao The best :D
beljiggs # 23 октября 2012 в 10:54 0
How? brilliant is Michael Buffer at the end! No one gets you hyped for a fight like that man!!
thesweet # 23 октября 2012 в 18:51 0
this list is fuckd up, andre ward at 3? how about Wladamir Klitshcko?? I guy who has dominated his division? for close to a decade now???
thesweet # 24 октября 2012 в 12:12 0
You? lost me at Khan
skaterbo # 24 октября 2012 в 16:32 0
that? was all fucked up manny pacquiao number 1 hahahahhaa
manlncog # 24 октября 2012 в 22:26 0
Ahmir? Khan???? Lol LOLNot even in the top 50
juangome # 25 октября 2012 в 00:37 0
GLASS CHIN? KHAN should not be here, Martinez should
zed # 25 октября 2012 в 01:25 0
Warrior comes during survival mode. Fighting? Pac must be tough. Your not surviving Floyd, your attacking him.
rasender # 25 октября 2012 в 11:12 0
@MrCollypop yes =)? pacman is next ;)
taylory1 # 25 октября 2012 в 21:57 0
This is? wrong.
theother # 26 октября 2012 в 00:02 0
Where is sergio martinez who has defeated the best in middleweight? Where's nonito donaire who is even faster n more powerful punchr than amir? kham? Where's juan manuel marquez?? Lol
theother # 26 октября 2012 в 10:23 0
Your wrong amir khan is not yet considered a p4p boxer, he still has a? long long way to go.. who's malinnagui? Barrera was past prime whe fought him, even tim bradley is a bigger star than him. Silver medal, is not a gold medal plus he's not undefeated.
ejayagne # 27 октября 2012 в 04:48 0
Chee manny all dayy err day ?
coldmone # 27 октября 2012 в 09:06 0
as soonest i seen amir 'conn' i left this? video alone. smh
esem17 # 30 октября 2012 в 09:10 0
Why is floyd ranked.. I thought we were talkin about fighters? that actually fight
rasender # 31 октября 2012 в 00:59 0
Floyd Mayweather vs Victor? Ortiz. Sept-17 2011 for the WBC World Championship.
tellspla # 31 октября 2012 в 10:17 0
Pound 4 Pound in the past 15 years (in their prime): 1. Roy Jones Jr. 2. Floyd Mayweather Jr. 2. Manny Pacquiao (tie) 3. Bernard Hopkins 3.? Lennox Lewis (tie) 4. Oscar DeLaHoya 4. Marco Barrera (tie) 5. Juan Marquez 6. Prince Naseem 7. Erik Morales 8. Sugar Shane
adrian # 1 ноября 2012 в 00:40 0
manny hell? yeah fuk mayweather
danielis # 2 ноября 2012 в 09:15 0
That is a joke Mayweather will slap Manny.?
mrtbeara # 2 ноября 2012 в 17:42 0
then why did he refuse to fight him and then retire soon after. Doesnt sound like somebody wants to slap manny to you now does it.?
trevber # 3 ноября 2012 в 12:01 0
amir khan has 2 prove his ability. If not he,s just another nassem hamid, d prince was ok with average fighters but whn he stepped? up 2 world class barerra retired his ass
harvpila # 4 ноября 2012 в 14:25 0
Floyd? Mayweather Jr has been dropped from the pound-for-pound rankings of the prestigious “Bible of Boxing”, Ring Magazine...
thedance # 4 ноября 2012 в 14:50 0
good choice mate? i agree that pacquiao is better than mayweather
djultram # 5 ноября 2012 в 10:34 0
just ? trash
thatonek # 8 ноября 2012 в 01:42 0
So your saying maidana is? not a good fighter? If mayweather fought Amir I bet you that Amir has what it takes. Amir is smart and quick and uses his jab. Even delahoya said himself the best way to beat Floyd is the jab
advertis # 8 ноября 2012 в 17:43 0
do not be stupid. No doubt Amir Khan is smart and fast and is more of a? boxer than a browler, but he is no comparison to mayweather , Mayweather will out-class Amir any day, Amir is VERY unexperienced comparing to FLoyd
trevber # 8 ноября 2012 в 19:33 0
amir is smart and quick but lacks d know how. Im so glad 2 c him with freddie, he,ll turn him into a true? world champ.
enuegamy # 9 ноября 2012 в 13:01 0
for me1. pacquiao2. mayweather3. berto4. martinez5. Marquez?
multirio # 12 ноября 2012 в 11:27 0
mayweather? is a trash!!!paquiao no 1!
jobo9173 # 13 ноября 2012 в 16:19 0
mayweather said he needs 100 million dollars to fight manny pacquiao??? so that means he looks like money!! if i'm right give me thumbs ups!!
enuegamy # 16 ноября 2012 в 22:06 0
amir? khan sucks sorry
mrlegkic # 17 ноября 2012 в 01:03 0
he'd have a good go? at mayweather im sure of it
enuegamy # 18 ноября 2012 в 01:37 0
i? really really DOUBT it
mrlegkic # 20 ноября 2012 в 23:47 0
he hasnt got a great chin ill give u that but i think mayweathers a bit fragile himself i think he wud have problems dealing with khan floyds a amazing defensive fighter but i dont think he wud b able? to dodge khans lightning fast hands i think it would b a interesting fight
enuegamy # 21 ноября 2012 в 10:42 0
no disrespect but i don't think you know what your talking about.. mayweather will map his A** on the floor.. khan is not even in Andre berto or Martinez caliber.. khan haven't fought a really good opponent yet but once he? doesn't you'll see what im talking about..
mrlegkic # 21 ноября 2012 в 19:02 0
i like how u started yr comment with no disrespect thats a rare thing on utube i never claimed to b a expert nor did i claim khan deserves to b in this vid but i? still think it wud b a good fight he would have a better chance than hattton anyway
enuegamy # 24 ноября 2012 в 07:40 0
i'm no expert either but i think mayweather will NOT have a hard time beating khan k.o or decision.. he might? do a little better than hatton.. coz hatton sucks his a straight up brawler no brain.. i bet you if you put saul alvarez or chavez jr vs khan.. saul or chavez jr will beat khan no problem.. once again khan haven't fought a good fighter.. roach is a smart coach ducking good fighters.. his doing the same thing for pacquiao.. oh yea i want to see pacman vs berto or martinez
frankjfy # 26 ноября 2012 в 20:43 0
you can say what ever you want or you can read this...1.pacquiao2.mayweather3.donaire4.martinez5.marquezquestions????go to the ring.com? and checkout the ratings
dlogan16 # 27 ноября 2012 в 06:33 0
Wow, you have Amir Khan over Timothy Bradley on this list! B-Hop doesn't even fight enough be in the top 5 any longer.1. Mayweather? Jr., 2. Pacquiao, 3. Andrea Ward, 4. Donaire, 5. Timothy Bradley
jobo9173 # 27 ноября 2012 в 23:25 0
hey pcquiao is way better? than mayweather cause mayweather is fuckinn, weak!!
dlogan16 # 28 ноября 2012 в 19:35 0
@jobo9173; you honestly think Pacquiao has more skill than Mayweather? I guess you're entitled to your own opinion. Pac arguably loses twice to a counter puncher not nearly as good as Floyd but somehow you consider Floyd weak? Floyd has none of Marquez's weaknesses. Floyd's a better counter puncher than Marquez, better defense, faster hands, faster feet, sharper puncher, harder puncher, better chin... I would say (ignoring? inactivity) Floyd is the best P4P.
vincent # 29 ноября 2012 в 20:15 0
ehy are not? there mma fighters?
0renagad # 30 ноября 2012 в 02:03 0
these are best pound 4 pound BOXERS! they would all probably lose to someone like Royce? Gracie. just note that these fighters are only the best in 1 aspect in overall fighting. all still amazing boxers though
jony2921 # 30 ноября 2012 в 06:05 0
where? is roy jones???/
brandeez # 1 декабря 2012 в 12:59 0
one of the people at my? gym is friends with andre ward. although, i never saw ward fight.
humblemy # 3 декабря 2012 в 17:18 0
What happened to Juan? manuel Marquez and Sergio Martinez..
theironw # 3 декабря 2012 в 18:19 0
I agree because those two pound for pound are the toughest and the best right now in? the rankings especially Martinez, he's making everyone take notice now
dmoney18 # 4 декабря 2012 в 07:22 0
This list is way off (except for 1 and 2). Khan and Hopkins aren't top? ten and Ward isn't top five.
loss7y # 4 декабря 2012 в 11:42 0
lol its funny how mayweather fans say that pacquaio is fighting? washed up fighters at catch weights but mayweather fought Marquez whio most say was "washed up" and also didnt make weight in stead paid a small fine in with he planed to do coz he was gonna win any way!!! be cause of the weight.. and he fought a washed up mosley.... be 4 the fight happened he kept saying he was washed up and and lost many times!!!
mortalsy # 5 декабря 2012 в 01:03 0
And the? same was said about De La Hoya when Pacquiao fought him...
loss7y # 5 декабря 2012 в 18:25 0
i know.... its what was said.... by Mayweather!! and his fans.... De La Hoya Never? said that
k1ll4k # 5 декабря 2012 в 23:12 0
1. Mayweather2. Pacquiao3. Martinez / JMM4. JMM? / Martinez5. Montiel
villiegu # 6 декабря 2012 в 13:52 0
what khan number 5? lol..? wine glass chin!
odt567 # 6 декабря 2012 в 22:05 0
dude ur dumb ass fuk u? dnt nun bout boxing lmao
wscsace # 6 декабря 2012 в 23:08 0
ottman24 # 7 декабря 2012 в 12:41 0
this list is a joke!!! bernard hopkins??? serious? amir khan? hell no! top 5 pound for pound:?5:Sergio Martinez4:Juan Manuel Marquez3:Paul williamsAnd a toss up for #1 between who else but Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao... I think Floyd is #1 but who knows until they fight.
jsmiffy1 # 8 декабря 2012 в 01:33 0
Lol, Pacquaio and Mayweather are the two biggest phonies in boxing. There careers are marked by catchweight fights, ducking great fighters in their prime and PED accusations.? Two phonies just like the Klitschko brothers.
dinamita # 8 декабря 2012 в 04:59 0
you're? an idiot
pressure # 8 декабря 2012 в 20:26 0
My top 5 boxers would be in the history 1.) Sugar ray Robinson 2.) muhammad Ali? 3.) Manny Pacquiao 4.) Mike tyson 5.) Bernard Hopkins!!!!
supermag # 9 декабря 2012 в 04:26 0
Manny pacquiao is the best p4p king thats why they rank him numero uno bcoz he is the? only boxer in the world that has 7 division and his not a boring boxer, he like to satisfy his audience money for watching him thats why evry fight there is always ACTION.
tony # 10 декабря 2012 в 05:36 0
1, roy jones jr , 2? mayweather , 3 muhammah ali , 4 mike tyson , 5 marvin haglar!!! there my top 5
handsofs # 11 декабря 2012 в 02:24 0
andre ward to me is a future #1 pound for pound fighter.He can fight inside and outside.He can fight southpaw and conservative.He is a smart fighterHe is very fast for is weight divison (the only super middle weight i can? think of faster is andre dirrell)I see him going undefeated and winning the super six, i think lucian bute would give him a really tough fight mostly because his chin is untested.
123jokaa # 12 декабря 2012 в 02:52 0
Khan not no number 5? lol
elteribl # 12 декабря 2012 в 08:18 0
ino? wtf is wrong wid dis guy
123jokaa # 14 декабря 2012 в 11:26 0
Haha? dunno!
jay # 15 декабря 2012 в 02:13 0
His agility is up their with the top fighters.?
wscsace # 15 декабря 2012 в 07:30 0
whats the? name to this song?
sojudama # 19 декабря 2012 в 22:29 0
My current top5: #1 Mayweather#2 Pacquiao#3 Dawson#4 JMM#5? Martinez
mastainv # 20 декабря 2012 в 11:47 0
otkp # 20 декабря 2012 в 20:15 0
I am ok with the Top 3 but after that...I? Don't Know!
elnegrob # 21 декабря 2012 в 02:49 0
ward?? really? khan? i mean, khan is good, but he's still got a way to go to prove himself... he's still really young at this.ehhh.. these p4p lists are starting to become popularity contests...replace ward with ivan? calderon or somebody and maybe it'll be more of a legitimate p4p list.
kunsoy2 # 22 декабря 2012 в 15:46 0
Pacquiao is not 6 time world champion..Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao is 7 time world champion in 7? different weight division..
aparach # 22 декабря 2012 в 18:23 0
Floyd fans dont? believe pound for pound lists unless floyd is number 1....
iqy86 # 23 декабря 2012 в 19:06 0
Khan is number 20th best p4p best? in the world according to Boxrec.com
hahanikk # 24 декабря 2012 в 20:56 0
1.floyd mayweather? 2. manny pacman 3. paul williams 4. andre ward 5. andre berto and amir kahn
hahanikk # 25 декабря 2012 в 01:09 0
for the record this list isnt serious at all just the names that come to mind the first 2 are definetly solid the others are just? potential number 1 and number 2 contenders just sayin.
esjayay # 25 декабря 2012 в 03:37 0
i thought khan? wants maidana?
andreaan # 25 декабря 2012 в 07:54 0
w is the name of? song??????please
el # 25 декабря 2012 в 14:14 0
One of the worst p4p lists I've seen...?
dees18 # 27 декабря 2012 в 14:01 0
haha i agree!khan top 5??theres? no words to describe this..
mati1607 # 28 декабря 2012 в 08:12 0
so? tell who should be?
dees18 # 28 декабря 2012 в 11:25 0
no probs!1. Floyd Mayweather2. Manny Pacquiao3.? Bernard Hopkins4. Chad Dawson5.Paul Williamsand i'll just throw no. 6 coz i feel to Chris John
mati1607 # 30 декабря 2012 в 03:05 0
I was thinking about? Chad Dawson at number 5, but I still would pick Khan. I don't like him, but his performances against Barrera, Kotelnik and Malignaggi was brilliant for ME. I don't know why are you criticize me for my list. I can criticize your list but i won't do that, because I respect your opinion. If I had to change something in my list, I would give 5th position to Sergio Martinez.
dees18 # 30 декабря 2012 в 08:15 0
because theres no way khan should be on the list yet or ward!ward is the future but right now he hasn't beaten that many champions or moved through weight classes.and as for khan glass chin who is ducking the big punchers.i don't think anybody in his weight class can beat him? unless they have power but when he fights someone with a punch he will be exposed again.he moved up to avoid valero at the time which was quite smart but now he's ducking maidana.
mati1607 # 31 декабря 2012 в 21:18 0
MAYBE putting Khan on the list wasn't correct, but if you start talking about moving through weightclasses, Chris John shouldn't be on the list too, becouse he doesn't? moved through any weightclass, I mean he is still fighting in one weightclass, and i think it's good for him. Andre Ward beat Mikkel Kessler, who was called by many the best super middleweight, and Andre Ward destroyed him. He beat Allan Green with emphatic fashion. I think he deserves to be top 5 pound for pound.
dees18 # 3 января 2013 в 09:29 0
i said beat many world champions or moved through weight classes meaning he didn't do either of these things.not meaning he had to do both.but i get what your saying about ward coz he is very skilled but you can't put someone who has only been in two championship fights in his career? and has only had 22 pro fights as the top 4 p4p fighters its way too early he has to fight many more champions and many more styles first.chris john beat the former no.2 p4p guy so he has 2b considered
mati1607 # 5 января 2013 в 05:06 0
So post your own. Everybody have diffrent types of fighters. I know you are Pacquiao hater, and Floyd's lover. I just look at your favourite videos and your own video about Pacman using steroids. You can't agree with my opinion that PAC>Mayweather? I don't have to even put Floyd on my list, because i don't like him for his trash talk, and selecting his opponents, but I respect him and i think he deserves to be? on every p4p list. Tell me exactly with what pick you disagree with me.
el # 6 января 2013 в 05:27 0
When? your not a fan. When your actually a boxer you tend to enjoy watching skills. Not brute force and speed as with pac. As a boxer you also see thru post-prime fighters and hype. In my opinion p4p lists can be speculated cuz its not just whos got the most titles in different weight classes. Cuz thats called fighting for the easyest belts.. My list would be like the one on boxrec. And you've so fallen for the F. Roach hype. Big names dont mean shit if their post-prime.
el # 8 января 2013 в 05:37 0
99% rate Floyd over Pac. Ring Magazine are alone in the whole world in putting pac over floyd in p4p and ww. So Floyd nr.1 and Pac nr.2. I'd rank khan 3435 at p4p. Fighting old barrera 36y old with what almost 100 fights??? LOL. And? he beat Malignaggi. Who hasn't?? Ko'd in round 1 cuz he's chin can't take a jab.. What a joke! Otherwise p4p lists often are favourite lists and nothing more. Impossible to tell a correct p4p list.
mati1607 # 8 января 2013 в 07:03 0
Yes, it's impossible to tell a correct p4p list. I really don't care about all magazines, that's my opinion about p4p list. So tell me who Floyd fought? Old Oscar, old Mosley, old Gatti,? Juan Manuel Marquez who has to make weight from lightweight to welterweight, glass chin Hatton... The only three of forty really good boxers he beat with no excuses are Diego Coralles , Jose Luis Castillo and Zab Judah. Mosley proves that Floyd isn't a machine, I mean in 2nd round.
el # 8 января 2013 в 18:48 0
Oscar slightly old but not weight drained and weighed 20lb more than against pac. Mosley wasn't old against Margarito so that was just Floyd making him look old. I'd look at the Marquez fight like this: Marquez was better against Floyd than pac cuz he didn't need to worry about the weight. It's not like he ate junk food for 3 months to get bloated as many seem to think. Warm up fight after retirement where he made pacs draw? and split desicion look like a piece of cake.
mati1607 # 8 января 2013 в 22:46 0
Marquez was better against Floyd? You probably mean? that Marquez was better in fight with pac. Who said that making weight is eating junk food? If someone says that, he is not even watching boxing or other fighting sports. Manny's opponents were in better form, than fighters who fought Floyd, The exception is Oscar, who was too old to fight a kind of volume puncher like Manny. The rest was in a great shape.
mati1607 # 9 января 2013 в 06:13 0
Joshua? Clottey, Miguel Angel Cotto, David Diaz, Juan Manuel Marquez , Marco Antonio Barrera,Erik Morales- these are guys, that Pacquiao beat with NO excuses like making weight, injury, age. Zab Judah, Diego Corrales, Jose Luis Castillo- these are Floyds REAL wins with no opponent excuses like above. Compare the fighters they beat ,and you got to say that Pacquiao beat better boxers, but if I had to bet on Pac or Floyd, i would think about my choice all day.
elteribl # 9 января 2013 в 07:22 0
marquez was way shitter against floyd dan pac...think bout it 1st fight marquez fell3x and ended up wid a broken nose, and den the way he fought bak wat GREAT every1 finkin he wont make 12 rounds and if he did he wud lose....but wat happen he gt a draw.so clerly showin dat result he came bak due to his? will.
el # 9 января 2013 в 16:29 0
Lame excuse.. It was the same guy in the ring for Pac and Floyd. Hell Marquez? even weighed more against Floyd. Just face it, Manny struggled against a guy Floyd toyed around with. Mannys speed was not a problem for Marquez while he couldn't cope with Floyd speed at all.
msotelo5 # 9 января 2013 в 17:41 0
A Floyd fan? JMM toyed with? dude? if you knocked Erik as old and past his prime what is JMM? Dead? Give them credit and stop being bias about cherry picking both camps are guilty. Floyd lost to Castillo in the first one which he clearly got outboxed.
msotelo5 # 10 января 2013 в 04:27 0
And my proof as Floyd is even guilty of doing his cherry picking in a dirty manner. When he fought JMM it was suppose to be in July but got postponed to late Aug then no one knew when and it landed on Sept. On fight night Floyd came in heavy for the weight he wanted to fight at wtf?!?! Then instead of paying him 1mil Marquez got about 300 gran I believe it was. JMM should? of walked away and said I am not fighting til I want to but JMM is a bigger Warrior than MannyandFloyd could everb
msotelo5 # 10 января 2013 в 11:42 0
"Hell Marquez even weighed more against Floyd." nice one but I know for sure you did not WATCHED the fight. Damn? serious research before you talk.
el # 10 января 2013 в 19:05 0
Gatti he just took the belt from. He even predicted a 6 round stoppage. No biggie. Hatton wasn't a glass chin. Undefeated at the time. It's quite obvious that you'd give more props to the guy that gives a guy with a 0 an ass whopping than to the guy that gives him his third consecutive beating. All and all he's oponents have? been much more prime than Mannys. The only ones with more hard oponents and sort of as few losses is the klitchkos. So thats about it...
mati1607 # 11 января 2013 в 10:44 0
Ehh. Don't tell me that Shane Mosley wasn't old against Floyd... 39 years old boxer is old. Watch Hatton's previous fights than write about his chin. Luis Colazo almost knock him out, and even Malignaggi make him out of balance! Floyd is picking his opponents carefuly to not have this 1 loss. It's funny! Yes, funny, because he always talk that he is unbeaten etc. but he is doing everything to not fight Pac!? Pacman agreed to the test a couple of months, so now it's Mayweathers turn.
el # 11 января 2013 в 22:14 0
sorry dude.. Clotteys a nobody, Cotto already got murdered, diaz sucks, barrera was a good win, he's only in my? book, practically two draws against Marquez, lost to prime morales but went to fight him as soon as he started to look bad and then won. Thats reality bro! Mannys a hell of a fighter but F Roach cherry picks every oponent for his fighters. Theres nothing Manny can do about that. Pac and Floyds histories wont mean shit after their fight is over. Then its clear oncen for all..
mati1607 # 12 января 2013 в 01:48 0
Ok, let's close the book of records. Right now, Manny agreed to the tests, and contract for the fight is ready. The only person, who can cancel the fight? between Pacman and Money Mayweather is actually Floyd Mayweather. He's got time to around half of July to sign it. If he doesn't , Manny will fight Margarito or Cotto. If the fight won't happen, it will be a proof , that the only person who doesn't want this fight is Floyd.
el # 12 января 2013 в 08:46 0
"it will be a proof , that the only person who doesn't want this fight is? Floyd. " Whell then they're gonna be equal cuz last time pac sais do to the contract...
el # 12 января 2013 в 12:53 0
said no...?
stevelov # 12 января 2013 в 16:31 0
ur just being? in denial... For one... You have to know how the business works... Margarito, Clottey, Paquio, Cotto, Diaz, These are all Bob Arum's fighters... Mayweather camp is disliked by Bob arum... Even if it wasn't like Mirellale said Freddie Roach admits to cherry picking washed up fighters for PACMAN.. heres the videowatch?v=CpxtKlVQqCUyou can see ot for urself.. .Mayweather fought Corrales when he was undefeated, and hatton, and Castiloo was number 1...Watch the Vid Plz
elnegrob # 13 января 2013 в 02:16 0
@mirellalei? agree with some of what you say, but saying that clottey's a nobody is ridiculous.he's got one of the best defenses, if not THE best defense in boxing today. he's a hard puncher, smart, good solid jab, and all-around great fighter.he gave cotto the toughest fight (without cheating) since torres, he was dominating margarito until he hurt his hands, dominated judah... i could go on and on.clottey is still top 5 WW right now.. i doubt even mayweather would fight him.
el # 13 января 2013 в 02:35 0
The only guy Clotteys ever beat is Judah. Many criticise Floyd for even fighting Judah and Zab is the only one Clotteys managed to beat! C'moooon! Good defense? U don't win fights with defense.? Clotteys record can back that one up. Clottey is like a punching bag. Easy to hit, wont brake, has just as much surprise element as the punching bag etc.. U can even punch him with 2 hands cuz its so easy to predict him.. Clottey is, was and will be a nobody..
elnegrob # 13 января 2013 в 07:09 0
@mirellalei think you judge clottey too much based on his performace with pacqiuao."u don't win fights with defense"??? tell that to mayweather.and judah is the "only guy" clottey's beaten on paper. he beat cotto, he was totally dismantling margarito, and completely dominated corrales.. not to mention all the other fighters he's faced.you wouldn't base de la hoya, or cotto, or morales, or barrera's talent based on? their fights with pacquiao... so why would you do it for clottey?
el # 16 января 2013 в 13:35 0
unnecessary to explain when you? don't understand boxing.. Worship Clottey in pease..
elnegrob # 16 января 2013 в 22:01 0
@mirellalei don't understand boxing???ok.. if? you say so.i guess you're not the type to have a conversation about boxing then.. oh well..
msotelo5 # 17 января 2013 в 13:23 0
Clottey had Carlos beat back when he was in his prime not when May? fought him.
ind49err # 19 января 2013 в 03:25 0
if pacquiao's record u refer as a flukethen what would marquez's be? lolhis only claim to fame is by having a draw nd a defeat against pac lolsure he gave a weight drained pac a hard time but at 140lb pac will murderhimlost to floyd, diaz sucks, casa is just? too old nd he lost to barrera nd johndude, experts regard marquez as one of the elites even tho his record doenstreally show n u have the nerve to bash pac's who's done more than marquez's whole career LMAO ur funny
el # 20 января 2013 в 10:19 0
Not a fluke at all. Pacs fought the practically the biggest names out there. BUT in this case it meant fighting bad oponents. Here's an example. Floyd could fight Cotto or Margarito and get big names under his belt and a lot of money. But I personally think Berto would give him 10 times more trouble. He wont fight Berto cuz theres no money involved + Berto isn't a big name yet.Just look at Oscar! Big name and generating lots of money and still lost to Floyd at 154 and manny at 147..?
ind49err # 20 января 2013 в 23:35 0
berto would give floyd more trouble than cotto or margarito? lolwtf? is this a joke?why dont they fight fight 1st (cotto-berto) then lets see who the better man isnd whos going to give floyd a hard timei honestly think cotto, margarito(if it wasnt really a plaster) nd of course pacquiaopower, volume punchers nd speed will? beat floyd like these guys haveespecially pac who has it all (offense arsenal)berto huh? LOL is he the guy who robbed louis collazo? lol
el # 22 января 2013 в 03:09 0
U just got exposed for never ever worn a pair a pair of boxing gloves and never ever fought a single round... "Pac has it all" That dudes got the worst defence in boxing!? Don't waste my time with your stupid boxing nerd bs.
statykbb # 22 января 2013 в 13:11 0
amir khan? is not even close to being p4p top 10
rougetra # 22 января 2013 в 22:36 0
what is this song? please?
oaklands # 23 января 2013 в 15:03 0
khan won a sliver medal ?
mati1607 # 23 января 2013 в 16:54 0
sorry, I thought he won gold, but? you got right. Thanks for that.